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Lawrence, KS
Water Resistant Satin Cloth
Water-Resistant Satin Cloth is a lightweight, water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant polyester fabric that produces excellent image. You will love it for your worship banners and wall hangings.
Universal Heavy FR Polyester Banner Fabric
Universal Heavy FR is a fire retardant banner fabric made of 100% polyester. Somewhat heavier and coarser than the Water Resistant Satin Cloth and is still very good choice for worship banners.
Matte Polypropylene Banner Film (Economy Banner)
8 Mil Matte finish (flat) Polypropylene. It is tear-resistant in both directions and offers the professional an inexpensive alternative for producing temporary indoor banners and displays. Deep colors with a rich appearance at a real bargan price.

Indoor use only unless specified
Gloss Polypropylene Banner Film
This is an 8 mil thickness and tear-resistant Polypropylene film. This film makes graphics easy to handle and provide the rigidity needed for use in banner stands. Colors are very bright and glossy.

Outdoor Durability - 1 month
Glad Banner Select
Glad Banner Select is an elegant, lightweight 100% Polyester banner fabric. It has a very tight, barely decernible weave. It combines a nice smooth feel with a bright white surface that shows all of the details of our designs.